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Technical parameters of the universal control module for Fiscal printers, Fiscal cash registers, POS systems and automatic accounting systems: FisBox
(FisBox is also time stamp and electronic signature plaintext device)

Fiscal control module and fiscal memory module in one small block: FisBox

Processor and main info

- ARM Cortex-M3, 72 MHz, 32 bit, LQFP 64, internal RAM, internal FLASH,
- independence of the control program and operating system, usable with PC or tablet PC,
- the possibility of dynamic changes during the operation speed of communication (9.6K .. 112K)
- FisBox statistics after 1000 daily reports - here and 100 000 ... 400 000 documents,
- ENG, SK, CZ, PL, HU, DE, ALB version of FisBox is ready, other languages up to few days,

Dimensions and power

- 7.8 x 3.6 cm, 4 mounting holes, shipping plate is embedded in epoxy,
- FisBox power = 0.18W, / in the power supply 12V / i = 14 mA / note., power without LCD,

Data - Fiscal memory

- FLASH, 4 gigabytes, capacity 2 million accounting documents,
(capacity is sufficient for 22 years at 250 documents per day, see * 1),
- plaintext storage device for documents originals, signed time-stamped verifiable documents,
- capacity for daily reports is 9998, (suff. approx. 27 years), / daily Z closures (DU) /,
- capacity 9998 periodic reports, / monthly or weekly Z closures (PU) /,
- X reports with posibility to print or read to PC as text only, ( download ),
- direct addressing stored documents and reports (DU, PU),
- instant acces and printing copy or downloading any of the existing documents or reports,
- instant acces or downloading documents and reports group, cumulative reports,
- each document has created and printed a indepedently verifiable electronic signature,
- verifying of the electronic signature can be simply performed on any other module FisBox,
- no public e-signature key is required, e-signed original data never leave sealed memory,
- integrability into mobile and standard cash registers, e-invoice systems shared access,
- automatic realtime compression, encoding and storage consisting of all documents,
- no data modification can be done, 3 level realtime data compression and float encryption,
- software multi-level protected electronic journal, sweeping stored data on memory media,
- data protection prevents misuse of an electronic journal and its sale as the goods,
- posibility of one time, first use in „BEFORE FISCALIZATION – TEST MODE“,
- posibility subsequent training service using "training documents",
- posibility of activate READ ONLY (CLOSE) mode with the option to read and print copies of existing documents /scheme closure of the treasury or fiscal printer, close fiscal memory mode/,

Specification of accounting documents

- max 200 accounting items / goods lines / in a document,
- max 500 documents open simultaneously with the possibility of accounting all at once,
/ to change the voucher is automatically the client informed on the customer display /
- preservation of open documents for the printer off,
- direct textual definition of accounting items PLU = 400,000,000 PLU :)
- independence of the type of printer using of synonyms for managing printing, (#A ... #X),
- accounting line text length /PLU name/ is 40 or 80 characters, combine is enabled,
- possibility to creating adresable documents, eg. additional client ID, client adres, tax. info,
- posibility create documents usable as invoices, tax or non tax, see types of documents,
- max number of decimal places used in accounting row: 6, ( eg. 0.123456 )
- calculation and printing expenditure and optionally expenditure in foreign currency,
- linear unique numbering of documents (D: 0 .. 1 999 999) / (UZ: 1 .. 9998) for immediate direct print or download copies of any document or reports to PC in the background during the billing other records or documents, usable for online WEB_SHOP or AUTOMATIC ACCOUNTING mode,
- the ability to print additional informative items "> INFO TEXT>" in document 40/80 characters - eg. EAN, PLU number, purchase price for incoming documents, variable symbol of registration payment of invoices, serial number of the sold goods, warranty, label prices, ...
- see typical document created by control module FisBox with printer Bixolon SRP 350
- communications protocol FisBox is defined here

Variable header document - Introduction

- the possibility of change in each accounting document,
- max 400 characters of text permitted alteration of the typeface in the text using synonyms #A..#X
- the ability to generate momentum for opening the cash drawer,
- ability to add graphical logo (A) and graphical logo (B) – only in service mode,

Variable conclusion (end of) document

- the possibility of change in each accounting document,
- max 400 characters of text permitted alteration of the typeface in the text using synonyms,
- the possibility of inserting dynamic informative text in the award document, for example. information on the status of the loyalty credit, individual actions, address customer,...
- the ability to generate momentum for opening the cash drawer,
- the ability to insert command for cropping / shearing at the end of paper document, /paper cutter/
- end transmission amount per document to your PC for sending in a payment terminal,
- the ability to add variable text at the end daily o periodic reports, (max 800 characters),

Types of documents

- max 32 types / species / accounting documents, usable for automatic accountig system,
- 16 kinds of tax (fiscal) documents countable in GT fiscal memory, the first original document is marked with a graphic logo (MF in SLOVAKIA)
- 14 +2 non-tax (non-fiscal) - indicative of accounting documents (documents not MF and logo are labeled "non-fiscal document",)
- possibility to define the names of types of documents,
- the choice for every type, whether the name of the document type to print the document,
- training and type of financial document,

Tax Department / VAT /

- up to 8 departments VAT, sign the letter A.. G, in the case of non VAT can be used ' ' or @,
- possibility to change the value of 9998 times the rates of VAT always after the PU (G = 0%)
- possibility to use the VAT department as an identifier commodity groups,

If by chance, FisBox it already has done ...

- configuration to be activated by rounding amounts ending document,
- optional 10-hole (X0) or one-fourth (X0, X5) rounding to the possible removal of small coins,
- choice of rounding the value of the document in a foreign currency,
- option to save the complete address of the client or charge the customer for each document, if necessary, compulsory adresability tax documents,

Customer display:

- Internal -
Model ID or external - Model ED
- can be connected directly to any 2-line alphanumeric LCD display with a number of characters from 8 to 64, (eg, LCD module, type or LCM16021AWSL WC1602AK - 2x16 characters, about 6 € )
- full control and display text and subtotal display controled by FisBox module, 4-bit mode,
- full postprocess - / quickly sent items from the PC are displayed continuously legibly /,
- possibility to define the 200 lines of text ads that will automatically show the customer display at the time of inactivity,
- possibility to define the speed of display ad text,
- option 2 or 3 phase imaging line accounting / name, price, total,
- automatic display of expenditure or the number of items in the document at the end of the document,

Independent real-time clock, records all activity of the control module and fiscal memory

- built-independent real-time clock / RTC / and calendar,
- a software trimmered precision real time clock,
- real time clocks remain long kept when disconnecting the backup battery, real time is only delaying the time when the battery is disconnected,
- all changes in real-time clock settings are recorded in the fiscal memory,
- ability to be used as TimeStamp and e-signature device,
- automatic recording of date and time each on/off, the number of on/off, operation time, record the work done and the date and time off control module,
- records the date and time disconnect the backup battery,
- 3V lithium battery backup, / 10 years / full-featured functionality without batteries,

RealTime Postprocessing - parallel processing of tasks

FisBox at the same time working on several tasks:

- receiving data, / can process 500 Documents, in parallel /,
- create the document - analysis and control of received data, calculates subtotals,
- writes a journal - compresses and encodes data,
- displays text items charged to the customer display so that they read smoothly,
- change the accounting document informs the customer to display the status of the document,
- receiving data from bar code readers and in due time forwarded them to the PC,

Sending items from the PC is in no way inhibited, the data transmission is smooth and without delays. Document with 80 items, you can send at once, postprocess in module FisBox ensure slow - readable display of the display without data transfer had to suspend or wait for processing.

Transmission parameters RS232, Customer LCD

PC <=> FisBox: 9600, n, 8.1, / Rx, Tx, GND, ( customizable 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2k)
FisBox ==> Printer: 9600, n, 8.1, / Tx, CTS, GND, ( customizable 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2k)
FisBox ==> Customer LCD, OUT only, PIO Mode 4 bit, ( customizable ...)
BarCode Reader / Scales ==> FisBox: IN only, 9600, n, 8.1, / Rx, GND, ( customizable ...)
Transmission speed can be changeg by user to any value on request,
Connection via RS232 or USB adapters using any: USB->RS, BT->RS, LAN->RS,

Retransmit / Forward / data from the sensor to a control PC with the same line

- FisBox the module can be connected to an external bar code scanner or other RS232 serial data producing device, module background normal operation receives data from the device at the appropriate time the PC sends to the control line so as to disturb the communication protocol: / Query < -> Feedback /, so you module saves costs on additional serial lines, the entire POS system, including sensor /barcode reader/ can control a single serial line,

RealTime data compression and decompression

- all received and formed data are real-time internally in FisBox lossless compressed and when printing or exporting uncompressed,
- data are analyzed prior to compression, compression ive used which ensures that the input data remains only 50%, in some cases, only 6%
- data is stored in fiscal memory are compressed, encrypted and sweeped across flash media,

RealTime encoding and decoding data

- the data before saving in fiscal memory encoded,
- used to encode the floating code - when coding the same input data block, the target data is always different,
- sweep data in memory, minimizes the chances of "hacker" trying to modify stored data,

"Permanent or temporary" configuration

- set configuration parameters for the operation of modulo FisBox is possible so that they are saved as a permanent / command FCxxxx / or configuration change will only apply to one document / command Fcxxxx /, after its completion will be automatically renewed standard configuration, take advantage of this feature for example: rounding end value of document can be normaly activated, but for paid card using is value not rounded, also can be dynamically disable for non-fiscal documents graphic logo and save paper,

CPU Software

- programmed in C language, the target program has about 45 KB,
- RealTime three levels of data compression and decompression, 5 ms / KB,
- RealTime encoding and decoding data with floating code, 250 microseconds / KB,
- IRQ postprocess display on LCD
- Flash IO: read 400 KB / s, write 150 KB / s,
- automatic Data Code / Decode while R/W, (data sweep / unsweep across flash media)
- integrity of data stored in memory is constantly checked used checksums,
- data integrity test using CRC32,
- flash drive wear leveling, predictive wear monitoring media,
- data is stored in memory sweeped, when exporting and printing are backward "folded",

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© Copyright

Communications protocol and tech info about FisBox is described here
Communications Protocol FisBox Download(xls) (SLOVAK LANG)

Communications Protocol FisBox INFO (SLOVAK LANG)
Communications Protocol FisBox Source Example PASCAL Full
Communications Protocol FisBox Source Example PASCAL Minimal

FisBox Integrability

A: as a fiscal printer - FisBox module can be integrated into any dot matrix or thermal printer that has a serial RS232 interface and is customizable according to mechanical requirements of Law 289/2008,

B: as a classic cash register - FisBox module can be used as a finished production of subcomponents for any traditional cash registers for the easy addition of another module / instance. bsed on 8051 cpu/ which will use the keyboard, local printer and PLU,

Pricing philosophy we are interested in a situation where the fiscal memory and in our case, the fiscal module, time stamp device, e-signature device in one block, it becomes a matter of consumer nature, like the toner in the printer, the difference will be that the toner is emptied gradually and progressively FisBox you meet your data.

To use and test must be connected to the module FisBox 3V lithium battery that provides the correct operation of the RTC (real time clock), FisBox is fully functional also without the battery. Changes in RTC settings are registered in fiscal memory LOG and „Active Work LOG“ that register every ON/OFF cycle with all activites. The battery is part / component / of fiscal printer and it is therefore already installed, module is shipped out without battery. The battery with connector is possible for buy in the price of 3 EUR.

* 1 - the only real picture of the capacity, not as a declaration of technical parameters, these are influenced by operating temperature and storage environment, modules are stable, in praktice is tested aprox 200 modules with 150 documents per day without any critical error,
- the principle is the same for virtually all manufacturers of FLASH memories,


by Kompio,
Ing Štefan Genšor, SLOVAKIA (SK)

Developing an embedded device from the ground up has always been a challenging task...

Autorské práva, © Copyright

License for production and use of project FisBox in other countries is for sale. EML 

10.01.2014 FisBox - mass production in progress.FisBox mass production